At NC Complete Auto Care our highly trained technicians are committed serving your needs from everyday maintenance and oil changes too quickly and accurately diagnosing and repairing electrical issues, check engine lights, performance problems and even those noises that drive you crazy. 
Using the latest tire and alignment technology available we can protect your investment in a new set of tires by providing a "spot on" alignment service to reduce potential early wear of tread on your new tires to maximize the mileage of your tire life. Maintenance of your vehicle is crucial to prolonging the life of your automobile.
Performing regularly scheduled manufacturer recommended oil changes and flushes such as cooling system flushes automatic transmission flushes, brake fluid flushes, and power steering flushes, will greatly reduce the contamination of mechanical pumps, fragile sensors, corrosion of metallic parts and possible damage to high-pressure lines and hoses.
Being able to control your vehicle in a hazardous situation is extremely important to you and the people/ property around you. NC Complete Auto Care is all about customer safety first. Having a regular complete vehicle inspection is the most assuring way of putting your mind at ease.
Our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle for these potentially unsafe conditions, advise you of any issues and suggest an appropriate solution to resolve the problem. If you are looking for a dependable and honest opinion of the condition of your vehicle NC Complete Auto Care is the shop for you.
With our competitive labor rates and prices, we will try to meet or beat any competitors prices. Saving money and time is one everyone’s mind. Having your vehicle repaired at NC Complete Auto Care just makes “cents”.

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