The principles and history of NC Complete Auto Care

The idea of NC Complete Auto Care was born in 2007. It was the dream of owner Dariush Masoomi to run his very own repair shop. A place where customers can have the very best of customer service and quality repair work done at a very affordable price. But how was this to be accomplished in an extremely competetive market? The solution was simple, honesty! Since Dariush’s earliest childhood memories his family had taught him the honest and truthful approach is always the best. Now was his chance to pay forward the same ethics that he has known all his life.

Having an excess of 25 years of experience rebuilding engines and transmissions in the automotive industry has given Dariush the skills he needs to work at any high-end professional shop. Taking this knowledge as a tool to work various jobs through the last 5 years, he slowly but surely investigated every aspect and detail on how an owner should run his shop.

When he was satisfied that he had all the pertinent information that he would need, it was then time to make his dream a reality, but where to start? Cary, NC was the answer. A vibrant community with shopping centers and suburban homes. Close to family and friends and a convenient location for customers.

Totally renovating an old tire shop and turning it into a state-of-the-art tire and repair center was the first step. The second step was to find employees that share his fundamentals. Stereotypes of money hungry mechanics and cold hearted shops run by mean spirited uncaring people has overshadowed some of the best technicians you could ever meet. Because of his constant vigil he found the technicians he was looking for.

Befriending fellow employees while he was employed in the chain stores gave him the inside track on who he could depend on to help him make the dream real. When the time was right he called upon those technicians he personally handpicked out of hundreds to share in the vision.

NC Complete Auto Care has all the experience you need from technicians that have known and worked with each other for years. Bringing them all under one roof to provide customers with an unparalleled experience was a master stroke to ensuring that new style of automotive care could thrive.

Aman Masoomi

Following in his father’s footsteps, Aman shares his father’s vision and enthusiasm of owning his very own shop. Raised with the same ethical and moral values of his family and under the guidance of his loving father, Aman studied at a prestigious private dental school in the Ukraine.

Shortly thereafter Aman transferred the credits he had accumulated to further his studies at the University of Texas at Austin to study Biology. Upon graduating from UT Aman relocated back to the Triangle Area to apply for dental school. Thus enabling him to be able to assist his father in his dream to open a business.

At 23 years of age, Aman has been, undoubtedly, a crucial contributor to get NC Complete Auto Care off of ground. Swimming through seas of red tape and city permits, employing local contractors and engaging local business to secure a stable supply flow, Aman is undeniably the glue which holds NC Complete Auto Care together.

NC Complete Auto Care


Store Manager

I have spent the last 12 years in the automotive field. I have done every duty in a shop from mechanic, service adviser, parts counter and management. Through my years of automotive experience I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge and great customer service to better provide a quality customer experience.